Seasonal Festive Treats

Hey there,

No doubt whether you celebrate Christmas or not you’ve noticed
that shops are selling countless items for Christmas.

My favourite thing to look at in the shops over the cold months is
all the different foods that come only once a year.

We get big tins in all shapes, sizes and patterns with chocolates and biscuits galore and just about everything has a family size like 4 FT packets of Jaffa Cakes and giant tubs of nuts and snacks but we also get those strange new flavours of well known brands only available over the festive season.

I actually think that quality of these new flavours are very good and haven’t had many, if any, bad ones.
I’m sure many remember the limited edition White Maltesers……

This year I found these

Cadbury Christmas Mini rolls

Limited Edition Cranberry & Vanilla Mini Rolls

Cadbury’s Cranberry Minirolls

The hubby had reservations about these as he doesn’t like cranberry
and I was neither here nor there about it (and still am).

I’m not sure if Cadbury’s did a good or bad job with these as I really couldn’t tell much difference between these and regular strawberry jam Mini Rolls.

The packaging is cheery though, and after Christmas has worn off
I’m sure they’ll be going cheaper than other Minirolls. ^__^

Another Christmas food tradition is chocolate coins.
These seem hard to get hold of in these parts and I hadn’t seen them for years.
I’m not sure if they are a strictly English tradition but these ones
I managed to pick up are decorated with English money symbols.
They normally come in a piece of plastic netting fastened with a metal strip and a tag labelling what they are.

Christmas Chocolate Coins

Shiny Christmas Chocolate coins

On the outside is a really sturdy silver or gold foil and on the inside
is some cheap and cheerful chocolate. I don’t think a company known
for chocolate has ever made them here.

Update: I’ve now spied on Chocolate coins made by Cadbury’s ^.^

So, what is/was your favourite mass produced holiday food?
What’s your favourite home made?
Do you like the idea of limited edition flavours?

Leave a comment for Pepper!

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