New year cooking, microwaving Japanese rice & Gingerbread man bento

What stops me being eager to cook in the cold weather is preparing and cooking rice.
The washing is the hardest obstacle for me to get over motivationally as my hands are very susceptible to the cold.
So to help with this years cooking and bento works I cooked up cups and cups and cups of rice and froze them.

To make sure the rice retains it’s moisture I package the rice hot
and put them straight in the freezer.

I’ve done it before, measuring out a cup of rice shaping it and freezing it in cling film but this time I had an inspired and much quicker idea.

I lined a tier of a rectangular bento box with cling film, measured 1 cup of rice into it and flattened it down so it took on the shape and size of the box and folded the cling film over.

I turned it out and voilà!

It was quick and easy and now I have many uniform packages of frozen rice (great for stacking in my crowded freezer) and can have perfect Japanese rice in under 5 minutes.

For reheating, leave the rice package on a side for 5 to 10 minutes then unwrap into a microwave container.

(Maybe it’s the wrap I use but I’ve found if you try and unwrap the rice too readily some wrap will remain between frozen rice grains, better safe than sorry ^__^).

Sprinkle over a quarter teaspoon of water and microwave.

If you are unsure of the time for the rice quantity and microwave power try cooking it for 1 minute intervals checking and stirring, adding a sprinkle of water each time.

On a 900 WATT Microwave (catagory E) microwave
for a minute with the water then stir, add another sprinkle of water and microwave for 30 seconds.

To add peas and or sweetcorn just add it frozen to the frozen rice at the beginning of cooking and treat it as above.

I made this lunch very easily with some frozen rice adding frozen peas and sweetcorn.

Quick and easy with a little preparation

Frozen peas and sweetcorn brighten up the box

I used half peas for eyes, smaller peas for buttons and a piece of sweetcorn cutout into a smile shape.
The gingerbread man was made from a can of tuna fried and combined with Soy sauce and ginger complimenting the rice and veg nicely.

If I wasn’t aiming for pretty it would have taken 10/15 minutes, counting making the ginger tuna from scratch.

Not bad if you’re feeling lazy in the morning huh?

Just don’t tell anyone it’s not too much of a new years resolution because it’s so easy and fun ;).

3 thoughts on “New year cooking, microwaving Japanese rice & Gingerbread man bento

  1. How cool does that Tuna Ginger Bread Man look, it would certainly brighten up a packed lunch, beats Egg Sandwiches, i like them but they smell & im Eggy enough after all this Christmass stodge lol 😛


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