Tuna pasta salad bento & recipe

Today’s box is a more adult, no fuss bento.

I’d like to think it’s quite healthy too even with the mayo

(my excuse is it’s light mayo ^.^)

I did 2 identical boxes, one for me and one for my hubby.

It was very tasty, filling and my recipe was the perfect size for these boxes so no leftovers yay. (The boxes are 450ml each)

No fuss

Satisfying, healthy & easy =)

Recipe time!!!

Tuna Pasta Salad
Serves 2


150g dry pasta
1 can Tuna in brine
5 tablespoons frozen sweet corn
1 Gherkin
Quarter of a small salad onion
Mayonnaise of choice to taste
Salt & pepper
(I use rock salt and freshly ground pepper)
Sweet chilli sauce or hot pepper sauce


Large bowl
Chopping board
Vegetable knife


Bring a pan almost full of water to the boil on high heat.

Add the measured pasta in and turn the heat down to medium making sure the water is still boiling.

Drain the tuna and place in the bowl.

Turn to your chopping board and chop up your onion in to bite sized strips.

Cut the gherkin into rounds, discarding the top and bottom rounds and dice.

(If you are a slow chopper you may want to do these tasks ahead of time ^_^)

Add them to the bowl and use a spatula to measure out mayo and sweet chilli to taste.

Put in salt and pepper to taste and mix thoroughly.

Test the pasta by spearing a piece with a knife.
If it is soft but still firm it’s ready.

Measure in the Sweet corn, turn off the heat and leave for 1 minute to prepare your sieve.

To prevent accidents with a heavy pan of boiling water put a colander under the sieve and use both hands to pour the pasta.

Run the cold tap and toss the pasta and sweet corn under it until all is cold to the touch.

Drain thoroughly and fold into tuna mixture.

(,,,)(^_____^)(,,,)Serve or refrigerate until eating (,,,)(^_____^)(,,,)

Let me know what you think


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