Japanese bento lunch box picks!

Bento food picks, so many in so many beautiful colours and designs.

Japanese food picks

All the colours of the rainbow!

In an honesty it’s hard not to get addicted to collecting these cute
little picks…..

Panda Picks!

Adorable pandas to prance on your food

...but what use do they have in bento boxes?

Well, some are just cute and well….like any picks they can skewer things, we need at least one excuse to buy them ^.^

Girly food picks

Chunky & Neon, Good & Good

Though sometimes, you can use them for more than just skewering.

Leaf picks

Tomatoes in disguise.

Now you can make cherries out of everything!!!!!
There are also single leaf picks in this pack to experiment with so apples are an option too.

Mild pastel picks

I love the lady bird at bottom right

These could have more than just skewering power.
Maybe they could double as cute hands or even ears.

Some picks even come in different lengths for big or small skewer power!

Handy when your box is small

All picks great & small

As much as I love cute food picks I wouldn’t say they were ever essential for a bento box.

One thing is certain though, food picks will always brighten up your lunch.

Pictures are by me from my own collection, please don’t steal =).

10 thoughts on “Japanese bento lunch box picks!

  1. I have to order some cute decorative picks myself.. they don’t even sell any cool fancy re-usable ones anywhere I’ve looked only the standard colored toothpicks. Which is really a shame but I guess no one even uses plastic ones for decoration in the US. 😦 I’ve only seen the silly looking paper ones where I live.


    • That’s actually a really good idea, wouldn’t have to worry about small children swallowing anything they shouldn’t. They could be mint or ginger flavoured to clean your palate :D.


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