Introducing……….The Frog Bento!!!

New frog bento

Introducing frog bento in all it's packaged glory

Say hello to a new addition to the lunch box family.

As I’m sure you can decipher this frog bento is SOO CUTE!!!!…

….but seriously, it’s a lot better than I was expecting.

Frog released

Feature full frog frenzy

It comes with an elasticated band to keep it from spilling on the move, it’s own mini chopsticks that clip into the lid very tightly (works very well) and has a divider that can be adjusted for those
pesky irregular shaped foods.

Of course I had to make a bento with my new cute toy.

The onigiri family

Frog onigiri bento

This is the little onigiri family..

I made (Daddy) big sesame onigiri, (Mum) medium plain onigiri with Umeboshi (pickled plum) filling & (baby) teeny plain onigiri.

All have nori strips (which I lived to regret later, I hate nori, YUCK.)


Smile for the camera

This would be a great bento for those nothing-in-the-cupboard days.
Not that I ever have any of those days of course……………………

6 thoughts on “Introducing……….The Frog Bento!!!

  1. Frogger use the Logs & watch the Road for Cars! You need to keep the Onigiri family safe till you get to the other side (sorry having a Retro Gaming moment lol)
    Great Bento Box, mmmm Pickled Plum, Yum! šŸ˜€


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