The Ploughman’s Bento lunch!!!

This lunch is true English tradition with a little Japanese twist.


An English ploughman's

A ploughman’s lunch is a traditional meal eaten in England which
usually consists of cheese, a meat of some kind, pickle, salad and crusty bread.

It is usually served in pubs and is generally thought of as a meal for male workers I.E. Ploughmen?

This is my take on the traditional meal in lunch box form.

Nature bento

Colourful & nutritious

In the box is some crusty bread, a boiled egg shaped like a fish with a little salt, flower shaped cucumber with some gorgeous tasting Swiss Emmental cheese flowers on top of them.

Next we have a Melton Mow bray pork pie flower, these pork pies are divine and yes, Melton Mow bray does make a difference.

When we buy pork pies we always buy the brand “Vale of Mow bray” the pastry is light and the meat is seasoned well and isn’t too hard or fatty, try them if you can, they’re the only pork pies I’ve found that you could eat one after the other!

I was going with a natural/nature feel in this box hence the flowers and fish and though it may be hard to make out I’ve also made some Japanese style pork into flower shapes.

I completely made up the recipe for the pork but it was
so good I had to write it down.

As sides there is a pot of Branston Pickle and next to that, some

Everything went together so well in this meal I think I’ve developed another good food memory!

7 thoughts on “The Ploughman’s Bento lunch!!!

  1. You are a genius, plain and simple. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve Pinned a couple of your bento boxes. It’s hard to stop at 2 but I will let the world discover you for themselves. Brilliant!


    • Aww =), I’m not sure what I’ve done to warrant such an amazing compliment but thank you!

      Pin away, I’m not really up on these social networking thingy ma-gigs but I’m sure every bit will help to get the blog seen =).

      My day has become a bit brighter thanks to your comment, so again, thank you.



  2. Omg. I love this! I’ve decided that my next “kitchen” purchase will be a bento box for my lunches and I’ll be visiting your blog regularly for ideas! Any suggestions on a particular box that can be ordered online?


  3. I don’t why I never thought of using my silicone cupcake holders in my lunch box! What I great idea! I am so going to buy more of those now!


    • Thank you, snazzy aren’t they?
      The usual ones take up a lot of space in a bento box so if yours are small I’d recommend the mini cupcake holders. I hope to find some for my smaller boxes ^.^


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