Introducing Cute Piggy Bento Box!!!!!

Snortin' bento

Pink is definitely acceptable in this case


Here at the wonderful world of PepperBento I’m introducing another cute little number to the bento box family!

As sweet as he is, cuteness is also functional, just don’t put any pork in your bentos or he may rebel.

Piggy bento


This critter comes with a matching pink elastic strap which is a little mean to put over his face but lunch needs protecting somehow.

Due to his shape it can’t hold chopsticks so these will have to be separate.

The best part about him is…well…this…

Functional yet cute


He has two tiers.

Fill the bottom pink container, slot the white container over that and fill then seal it with the see-through lid and pop on the cutey face.

I don’t think any small kid could object to taking lunch to school with this in their bag, I know I wouldn’t.

Family of onigiri

Onigiri pig is on a mission

Here’s a mini lunch for it to hold with big, medium & small onigiri’s.

Can’t wait to fill his two tiers with scrumtiousness!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Cute Piggy Bento Box!!!!!

  1. So cute… I just saw one which looks like this piggy lunch box at the supermarket but it was the only one left on the shelf and without any plastic wrapping so regretfully I did not buy it. Your post encouraged me to search for this cute piggy somewhere else.


    • Wow, I wish I could find these in shops here in England!
      Then again there wouldn’t be room in my kitchen for all of the bento boxes I would buy!

      I brought this all the way from Japan on Ebay from the lovely seller “citron1040”, they sell many Japanese bento items there.



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