How to prepare and freeze ginger tutorial

Hi there!

Today I’m posting a little tutorial on how to prepare and freeze ginger.

This is especially useful if, like me, you do a lot of Asian recipes that use ginger but is also great for those that have brought a big piece for a single recipe and don’t want to waste the rest.

One heads up, you can not substitute fresh ginger for ground ginger.
It just doesn’t hold the same properties and tastes completely different.

I have seen small packages of frozen minced ginger which are all well and good if you’re lazy but in my opinion you can buy all the fresh ginger you’ll ever need and prepare it like this for the price of one of those teen weeny packages.

So! On to the tutorial!!!

Just right click and view image if the writing is too small for you.

12 thoughts on “How to prepare and freeze ginger tutorial

  1. I love ginger so much! It puts a real kick in my food. My favorite is probably pan fried ginger pork lol. My biggest problem with ginger is that it goes bad easily. I never need a lot of it so it always went bad. I am glad you posted this as I agree that freezing is one of the best methods. I have tried a lot of others and freezing is the tried and true one for me.


    • Ginger is delicious which is a miracle because tasty is not a usual trait in a lot of foods which have “health properties”!

      It’s great to hear you freeze your ginger too!

      Pan fried ginger pork sounds divine! My mouth is watering!

      You’ll have to share your recipe with me sometime :P!!


      • I plan on making it sometimes this week so hopefully I can post it on my blog. I’m going to be using thick pork
        chops instead of thinner boneless ones like I usually do. Darn all this talk about pork makes me want to make homemade ramen xD


  2. Excellent tips! I have a half a root in my freezer stored just like this right now. Nothing can compare to the healthy kick and aroma some real fresh ginger adds to food. I’ll never buy dried ginger again! 🙂


  3. this is a great tip, I always freeze my ginger whole then grate it straight from the freezer, skin and all, which isn’t always what you want! Just shows a bit of advance preparation can save plenty of time in the long run!


  4. This is a great Tutorial, good to know how to prep Ginger, 🙂
    I use fresh Ginger alot, its good in a drink if you have a Cold/Flu, slice & crush in a Cup with some Honey & Lemon, add hot Water, let stand for a bit, done lol


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