The choo choo pork train bento!!

Here are my newest bento lunches…

Train bento

All aboard the bento train

I’ve started making two of each box because my hubby feels too guilty eating a pretty lunch alone. Hehe ^.^

In this bento is some salt & pepper pork, coleslaw which I used as smoke coming from the train, seasoned (you may notice I’ve used freshly ground salt & pepper hence the black dots everywhere, I like pepper in my bento!!) and of course the main part, the train!

The train is made from pork fried rice with sesame seeds for the window and wheels.

I added soy sauce as well as other things hence the colour.

I was experimenting with the fried rice  and found that if you use my way of freezing rice you can fry it from frozen perfectly well.

No added water is needed just turn every 30 seconds or so and break up as it defrosts making sure it’s fully heated through before serving.

My husand enjoyed this meal especially well and I have a feeling I’ll be frying a lot more rice in the future.

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