The English muffin.

The English muffin or just muffin to us English folk has possibly been around since the 10th Century.
So it does go a little way to explaining why they are sooo good.

You can have them with just about anything savoury or sweet and they are a nice, quick comforting breakfast.

The reason? It’s bread!

The difference you’ll find with muffins is they usually have cornmeal to coat them.

They come in small flat rounds and are best cut in half horizontally and toasted.

This picture I took shows them just buttered but another way I love these is with a small thin piece of cheddar cheese placed on buttered muffins and left to get slightly melted. Yummmmmmmmmy.

Look at that melted margarine...yum

What’s your favourite breakfast?

3 thoughts on “The English muffin.

  1. Love Muffins, i like them with Butter & Cheese as well, havent had a go a making any, will try one day, our local Bakery used to make them, sadly now closed, i miss that smell in the mornings, they also used to make ones with Onions in as well, very tasty 🙂


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