Introducing the Dinosaur lunch bowls & the snack box bentos!

I found these boxes at a local shop for about 80p each so you can understand why they are now at home with me ^__^.
There was a choice between this overly boyish design with the cute dinosaurs on top or an overly girly design with pink and fairies on it.

Well, it’s not too hard to tell which I chose….yes, I do have a strong aversion to pink…

As well as the tantalising price there was something else I liked about these..

let’s just say I was bowled over..actually……..lets not.

I like how these lunch boxes are bowls.

At first I was going to make some ramen for them but I’m not sure if the plastic could have taken the heat so instead I will be using these for my usual cold lunches.

This was a quick snack day and had little effort go into it.

Still filling & tasty though.

My hubby said it was more like a snack box than a bento so it’s the snack box bento!

In one is a wrap quartered with cheese and pickle, an egg cut in two halves and 4 mini pieces of pork pie.

In the other is a wrap with some leftover strips of KFC boned chicken and mayonnaise, with egg and pork pie.

I guess this is a more realistic looking bento of what you might end up with in the morning with nothing much in the fridge.

I tried to give it a little simple symmetry with the egg as a central point.

Hmmm..I wish the rolls had come out equal sizes….

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Dinosaur lunch bowls & the snack box bentos!

  1. It does look like a snackbox and the size looks very big!
    I think I wouldn’t manage to finish this during lunchbreak ( or any break). There would be too much food!


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