The chicken and bacon baguette

I first saw this sandwich combination at a place called Firkins.

Firkins is a sandwich shop, it isn’t a huge empire like Greggs but it isn’t small either, sporting over 30 shops.

It seems to be a Midlands only company so it’s unlikely you would have heard of them if you don’t live around this area of England but god do they do good sandwiches.

I mentioned Greggs earlier and while Firkins sells all the same kinds of items, Firkins quite frankly, kicks Greggs arse.  Where Greggs will put on lettuce Firkins will put on MEAT!

So without further ado, I present the Chicken & bacon baguette!

The chicken was tender and juicy and the bacon crisp and salty.

So, whether you’ve never seen a Firkin’s or just don’t want to pay for the expense of a ready made sandwich, my replica tastes the same if not better than the original, so give it a go!

Trust me, the combination of bacon, chicken & mayonnaise is heavenly.

Recipe time!!!!

Chicken & Bacon Baguette
Serves 2…maybe…


2 small part baked baguettes or ready cooked baguettes
1 medium chicken breast
Many pieces of streaky bacon


Chopping board
Butter knife
Bread knife
Sharp knife
Wire rack over baking tray


Preheat the oven to 220 (degrees Celsius)

Arrange the chicken and bacon on the wire rack.

Put the part baked bread on a baking tray.
*Please note this is for the part baked bread I use,
if your instructions differ, follow them*

Cook both bread, chicken and bacon for 5 minutes.

Turn the bread tray around and cook all for another 5 minutes.

Take the bread from the oven and leave to cool.

Rotate meat tray, turn each piece of bacon and the chicken over.

Cook for another 10 minutes

Remove meat from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes.

By now the bread should be cool so cut down the middle of the baguette and butter.

Next add whole pieces of bacon or snap them in half to fill the roll.

Slice the chicken into strips and add to the roll.

Put on some mayonnaise and you’re ready to go!!

2 thoughts on “The chicken and bacon baguette

  1. Are those Firkin Sandwich Shops the same chain as the Firkin Brewers, Firkin Fact Totem & The Flapper & Firkin, used to go to Gigs at both those places in Brum, they did a great Beer called Dog Bolter, brewed locally, it was great, then they stopped it, is miss that Beer 😦


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