The hedgehog bento lunch boxes!


Sweet, cute, snuffly little creatures hiding in leaves and hedgerows, these adorable spiky little balls come out at night and feed on bugs galore.

Thankfully I didn’t need bugs to lure these little guys into their boxes.

Up first is momma hedgehog.

She is made with a Cornish pasty and shaped shoyu (Soy sauce) rice.

I made a little scene for her to sit in from some coleslaw, making little flowers and logs from cucumber.

I carved some log like knots into the cucumber for some added detail.

This bento is the most time consuming I’ve created so far, it wasn’t the cooking, just the beautifying.

Next is baby hedgehog.

This one was a smaller bento for me.
It was so stuffing!

Here you can see I added log detailing to the cucumber.

She is also made from a Cornish pasty and rice.

I used some of the Cornish pasty insides to make a sort of woodland floor in this box.

Hedgehogs AND frogs?

Yay for nature!

8 thoughts on “The hedgehog bento lunch boxes!

  1. This is a great blog – I love the hedgehogs! I’m yet to experiment with charaben… we’ll see if I get the nerve! That Frog box is great too – I love the ones that have an integrated place for chopsticks. Makes life easy…


    • Why thank you Alice, I’m glad you like my posts. (#^__^#)

      My main advise for Charaben is to be prepared, know how you’ll make each piece and get lots of drawings down for reference.
      I put my designs in plastic sleeves when I am going in the kitchen with them.

      The inbuilt chopsticks do make things easier, I haven’t brought any portable sets yet!

      I do love yours, the ones with cute food on them. Where are they from? It’s so hard to find good prices for these item in the UK.
      The bento box looks great too.

      The chopsticks in the frog box are for children so it’s quite difficult for an adult to use so I’m sure portable sets will be in order at some point.
      It’s just a shame the one’s that can’t fit chopsticks don’t all come with portable ones.



      • I love my chopsticks! They’re mameshiba – which I think translates to pea dog? – yet another of those Japanese characters… a friend brought them back for me from Japan when she visited! If I ever make it over there I think I’ll go mad buying bento accessories, as they’re so cheap in Japan! Have you ever been? x


      • They’re lovely, such cute little fellows. How come I want to cuddle a chopstick case? Tehehe.

        According to Wikipedia (where would we be without it) it pretty much does mean pea dog but is laden with puns on the Japanese language.
        I don’t profess to know much about the language, I’m just starting out. =)

        I’m sure I would go crazy for all the bento items as well.
        Would probably have to try and pass them off as another passenger hehe.

        As much as I would love to go to Japan (I’d also love to visit the Pokemon centre there too) I hate the idea of being a tourist.
        That and the fact that I believe in nature, so if I couldn’t naturally swim there I shouldn’t be there!


  2. Yay Hedgehogs! 😀
    Love Hedgehogs, they are one of my favourite Mammals,
    What a great looking Bento, all that detailing, shame to eat it lol 😛
    Frog Box as well, nice Woodland theme,
    Slug Bento next lol


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