Everything comes back to food.

Time to go out, I have a blood test to go to.
No time for breakfast, I’ll just stick a chocolate bar in my pocket for some quick energy after the test.

Just about everyone considers themselves to have bad luck.
I’m not even sure if good luck exists.
I’m just happy my bad luck isn’t as bad as it could be.

So, I’m in hospital, I’d been there a few hours and started feeling rather peckish when I remembered that faithful chocolate bar, my favourite, a Kit Kat Chunky.

I dug deep into the pocket I remember putting it in, at first thinking I might have lost it on the way to that comfortable bed in that overly warm A&E.
I dug deeper and I felt it.
No longer did it feel heavy, smooth and gloriously chunky.

It was squidgy.

The sight, luckily, was not as bad as the feel.

Kit Kat Flunky

If it hadn’t been melted to a point I could feel the wafer inside I would have chanced it.
I think it would have been marginally better than A&Es food but at least I got fed, can’t complain at a free meal even if it was brown bread with cheese, just, cheese.

I did get home that night thankfully and feeling weak, tired, my hubby went on his way tending to that Kit Kat chunky lovingly fridging it and creating the above damage report.
I think I like that new word…fridging…..

That Kit kat was still as sweet as ever.

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