Pep’s Potato fritters bento

A big shout out to all my new followers, hi!! & of course howdy to my wonderful old faithful followers.

So is this post a late spin on Pancake day?


So, I had some potatoes.

This is a huge luxury in my household as who can regularly carry 5 KG miles on their back as well as other shopping?

I decided to make up my own recipe with a couple of them and here are the results.

You may notice I’ve also included some sweetcorn and peas.

It could be nice with some carrot in there as well.
I moulded each by hand into rounds.

When I presented these to my husband he seemed extremely surprised that these were baked and not fried.

I think I was successful in making them crisp without adding the extra calories for frying.

In fact no oil was used for these at all.

They came to about 110 calories each so I think that can be considered healthy.

We shared this box.

They went beautifully with this spicy barbecue sauce….yumm yumm.

Now to experiment with freezing them.


5 thoughts on “Pep’s Potato fritters bento

    • Hi there Selvinas,

      This recipe won’t be in my book so I can post it for you =D.

      I will post it as my next entry which will be tomorrow =).

      If you do get the opportunity to try them out, I’d love to know how it goes for you.



  1. Man! They look tasty, will try doing that after Sunday Dinners, always some Mash or Roasties left over, never like seeing them go to waste, Yum! šŸ™‚


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