Nikujaga, the 225 calorie meal.

It has been rather cold lately here in the UK.

Not too cold to snow though.


Now that it’s warming up a little, most of us are still getting over the sniffles and what is more welcome at those times than stew?

This is a Japanese stew I decided to make up as I went along with tasting as my guide.

I’m naming it Nikujaga (meat & potatoes) as it seems to fit that description well.

It was very good I have to say, my hubby even ordered another bowl after he was stuffed.

Another great thing is that the whole pot comes to under 900 calories and it makes about 4 servings (or two and a half in my household).

Healthy, low in calories and tasty!
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Kale salad!

For that few a calories this has chicken, chunky carrots and potatoes, peas, Shiitake mushrooms and the oh-so-tasty broth.

Yummmmm, yum.

So chuck out your lettuce leaves, vinaigrette and croutons.
Try something that is flavoursome comforting, healthy, and delicious, stew!

It doesn’t feel like diet food!!

6 thoughts on “Nikujaga, the 225 calorie meal.

  1. Nikujaga? Haha that’s a really famous Japanese dish (even has the same name!). It has stewed beef, carrots, potatoes, and peas mixed in a broth of dashi, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. Girls often brag that they can make this because if you can make this dish, it means that you’re a good cook! Seems like you’re already a good cook!


  2. At first glance of the picture, it looks like our local Chicken Caldereta with lots of sauce.

    Looks good 🙂


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