Kikkoman Soy sauce the difference between Japanese VS English?

This is a picture of 2 bottles of Soy sauce made by the famous soy sauce retailer Kikkoman.

On the left is a bottle containing 150ml, the right containing 1 litre.

You may have noticed that the right bottle is from Japan where Kikkoman soy sauce originated many years ago and of course one of the places where you would use 1 litre of soy sauce easily in day to day cooking.

The bottle on the left is a bottle brought from a local supermarket here in the UK where a drizzle here and there at the dinner table or occasionally used in small amounts for cooking is usually sufficient.

The 1 litre Japanese soy sauce cost £4.25 while the 150ml English bottle cost £2.50.

This is considerably shocking considering if the English soy sauce was priced the same as the Japanese it should have only cost about 64p, allowing extra for the more fancy table friendly bottle maybe £1.

So why is this English Soy sauce so much more costly?

Yes, the English bottle is packaged in a smarter fashion with a glass bottle and easy drizzle lid but is it really worth £1.66 per 100ml compared to 42p?

Surely the deliciously dark sauce is made the same way for each and tastes similar if not identical?

I’m sure average English people don’t mind paying these prices for good soy sauce (Japanese) once every 6 months or so when they finally run out and some may not use a litre in a lifetime but it does make you think…………..doesn’t it?

Of course a litre bottle of soy sauce isn’t something that’s run of the mill to buy in England and you will have to go to a specialist shop or order it on-line but if you do any serious Japanese cooking it is a very worthwhile investment.

4 thoughts on “Kikkoman Soy sauce the difference between Japanese VS English?

  1. Even though I’m Chinese and live in Japan, that one liter bottle of soy sauce lasts me a year! In the US, it’s even cheaper – we used to buy the galloon jugs for a few bucks and share it among our family (I mentioned I’m Chinese, right? Haha). I think they even sell it in Costco in the States. But Japan’s not immune to high prices – everything foreign is sold at a premium here too (wine, olive oil, product, cereal, etc). I guess it all evens out!


  2. This is true for olive oil between the US and France. It’s starting to change, but olive oil is still much cheaper here than in the States.

    Also, soy sauce in the States is WAY cheaper than it is in France. You can get a bottle for about $1.50, maybe $2, where in France it’s about the same as in the UK.

    You kind of mentioned the taste – but is there any difference? I always wonder if products taste different country to country, less or more salt or sugar, that kind of thing…


    • I imagine olive oil is a more gourmet type of food over in the US as it is here, prices are so high for very little.

      I would never have thought that Soy Sauce was cheaper though, I didn’t think there would be enough of a calling for it.
      Is it made in America or is it Japanese imported I wonder?

      As for taste, I haven’t tried to seek out the differences yet but I would be very surprised if it made any difference when added for cooking.



  3. Good post, typical over here, always hicking up the prices, set to rise again soon, im running low on Soy, i will look out for a bigger bottle on line, especialy at those prices, works out cheaper to buy bigger lol,

    I must run now, you might have seen me across the Skies recently, they are trying to find were i landed, they will never catch me, mmmwwwhhhaaa! I have to many secrets, Superbolide away!…..Whoose!


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