Gingerbread Couple Bentos!

Well, my restaurant chain isn’t quite in effect yet but I was very happy to be asked to make a couple of bento’s by my husband.

I made a big batch of potato salad and my husband wanted his parents to try some.
That and we had an evil scheme to make his mum try something with Mayonnaise in, something she refuses to try, without her knowing.

I was just going to put it in a box when he thought of the nicer idea of making a bento for each of them, as a sort of joke of course.

At that I was off like a shot, yay cooking!

I cooked up some rice and made small bite sized square onigiri to go beside the potato salad.

With that layer all flat I made some tuna soboro and shaped it into a gingerbread girl for Mom and gingerbread man for Dad.

Mom said she could tell there was something in the potato salad, in other words she liked it! Muwahahahaha.

Luckily I can trust that Mom & Dad brought my box back lovely, clean and perfect.

If you have unreliable friends and family, don’t let them run off with a nice bento box!

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