The bargain sliced meat!

Sliced meat here in the UK is extremely expensive.

There are a huge variety of different types to choose from but the quality of these meats even on luxury / premium sliced meats still has a lot to be desired.

Reluctant to pay £4 for 3-4 slices of not so nice looking ham we ventured out to find a good quality and cheap alternative.

Then we met the Sainsbury’s Basics gammon joints.

Cautious at first we picked through the packages of fresh gammon, looking for the one with the perfect meat to fat ratio (lottsa meat, no fat!) when we spotted it.

In a vacuum sealed package inside a net the gammon sat.

Well, for under £3 we might as well give it a go.

When I snipped this from its net it expanded, 800g in all.

I rubbed some mustard powder into it’s surface and ground plenty of salt and pepper all over it, it looked lovely.

I thought to myself when this is roasted it will have shrunk into nothingness, evidently I was wrong…in a good way ^__^.

I first roasted it on both sides on a high heat, which really made it brown and crisp then turned the heat down for the rest of the cooking time.

It came out perfect if I say so myself.

So here it is all sliced and ready for convenient sandwich and dinner making.

I got many more slices from the joint but somehow they got eaten before this picture was taken….

So if you ever drop into Sainsbury’s try out their Basics range gammon joint, it’s a better option than the expensive pre cooked / sliced meats and takes next to no bother at all to prepare.

5 thoughts on “The bargain sliced meat!

    • Not sure I could eat a Basics pork pie and their basics margarine is terrible.
      Used to put up with it because it was about 30p. Now it’s £1.35!
      Apart from those the basics range is great!


  1. when my brother used to live in the uk, we used to get EXACTLY that gammon! the price/quality ratio is amazing, and it’s so juicy and tasty!!
    we used to marinate it in mustard an honey- delish!! 🙂


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