Introducing the Pink Sakura 2 tier picnic jyubako bento box

Hi guys!

Yes, I am naughty.

Yet another bento box.

This time my excuse is it is big, lovely and was actually extremely cheap at only £12/$19/14 Euros.

I was eyeing up a rather more expensive bento I had seen with 5 lovely compartments which had the same Sakura shape and 2 tiers but went with this as, well, even as a bento addicted mad woman I draw the line at £40 for a bento box (yes wait for the post when I ignore this hehe).

The outside box is very sophisticated, adding that touch of class and expense that would be perfect for a gift.

It comes with some instructions that I will quite probably never be able to read, lets just hope I followed them correctly shall we?

Here’s what came out of the box.

Lovely isn’t it?

I know I said I have an aversion to pink and I do.
Ideally I would have liked it in a different colour but as it is I think it carries it well.
Even if you don’t like pink I think it can be appreciated…

I love the lid design, you can feel the silver blossoms slightly raised above the light pink ones as if they were applied in two separate layers.

Using common sense I haven’t scrubbed too hard on the lid to preserve it’s delicate design though it doesn’t look like it will come off too easily.

Under the lid is two tiers, each with a tight sturdy plastic lid.

The top layer is a silver colour, it looks more like white in the pictures though.
The bottom layer is more pink.

The silver layer looks great by itself if you’re serving for male company, there’s no need for them to be embarrassed with this bento (unless you want to be evil of course).

Each layer easily feeds two people so it will be great for dinner parties and the like.

I haven’t tried microwaving these babies but I’ve only ever microwaved in a bento once so I don’t think it’s essential.

So there it is.

Unfortunately with use I have noticed this box has chipped on the pink and silver tiers at the very top.

I like to think I’m pretty carefully with these things and I have no idea if it is an isolated issue or not so watch out.

Still a excellent buy especially for family gatherings, sharing one tier with a loved one and picnics.

10 thoughts on “Introducing the Pink Sakura 2 tier picnic jyubako bento box

  1. You wont become an obsessive Collector, it’s too late, resistance is futile lol ;P

    Love this, looks great, it does compliment the Sunny Weather we are having at the mo, Plants are starting to Bloom as well 😀

    The Bento Borg are ever closer to total Bento assimilation


    • Certainly matches the lovely sun we’re having here.

      That’s a great question actually…..I think I have about 12 boxes especially for bento, not including normal plastic containers. =)

      I bet I’m not as bad as a lot of people but I’ve tried to be good!



      • I still thik it’s a lot but compared to all the diehards out there it really isn’t. Have you ever googled bento collections? It’s insane the amount of bento’s some people have got!


      • You’re right that it’s definitely enough.

        I wouldn’t say I NEED any more.

        I won’t become an obsessive collector though, I already have so many different collections!


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