The love heart melon pan…. well kind of.

Where I live it is not easy to get to a Japanese bakery or specialist Japanese shop to buy the breads that can be found readily in Japan.

So when my husband and I fancy a bit of melon pan (sweet melon shaped bread) or Kare pan (curry bread), into the kitchen I go for a few hours of work.

Not that I’m complaining really, the end results are delicious!

I decided to try some special melon pan for my husband who loves the stuff.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them before they went in the oven which is such a shame.

I decided to make them into heart shapes.

I mixed some pink food colouring in to the bread dough for the inside and some red food colouring into the cookie dough for the outside.

They looked fabulous on the baking tray, bright red shaped love hearts sprinkled with sugar and scored to be more melon-y.

I guess they slightly kept their colour.
They have a kind of orange to pink hue on them.

Do you often make special food treats for the ones you love?

8 thoughts on “The love heart melon pan…. well kind of.

  1. Mmm. The day before’s melonpan, cut into slices and dried out, was definitely one of my favourite sweet things to eat when I was in Japan. I reckon a splash of Midori might add a bit of melon flavor, but then it’d necessate a grown man like me buying a bottle of Midori. I’ll have to play around with this.


  2. They look great, made me happy seeing these, also most importantly they were made with love, oh & that they tast nice as well 🙂


    • They are named melon bread for their round shape and traditional scoring pattern but some people do put melon essence in.
      I’ve never been able to find melon essence though so I opt for a more traditional recipe for it which doesn’t include it.



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