Mmmmmmmmmmm, Sweet and Sour chicken Bento…..

This is my sweet and sour chicken.
It has battered & marinated chicken pieces, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas, bamboo shoots & pineapple.

I served it with a couple of portions of Japanese white rice and me and my hubby shared.

I like to make my sauce from scratch.

Can you tell I hate pre-packaged sauces?

Apart from being allergic to onion powder an ingredient that is overly used in a lot of pre packaged foods, they also commonly contain peppers & garlic, two ingredients my hubby can’t stand.
I do agree they can overpower & ruin a nice sauce.

To be truthful even at ¬£1 for a sauce you can make one better for less so there’s no reason not to try it =P.

I always liked sweet & sour even though I was never keen on the red pepper flavour and taste.
My hubby didn’t like it at all for that reason but with this version he loves it!

Do you have an arch nemesis in the food world and why?

Mine is onion, I love it but it hates me.
It means I can’t eat just about anything savoury in a jar or a tin, even crisps!

5 thoughts on “Mmmmmmmmmmm, Sweet and Sour chicken Bento…..

  1. I am lucky to have only mild food alergies to a number of foods. One is strawberries and I do struggle to stop eating them when they are in season. My body will tell me that it is time to stop and hopefully I will listen. Your orange chicken looks fantastic will you post the recipe so I can made this for the family.


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