The Giant Cucumber! A Fridge Invasion.

I don’t like buying my fruit and vegetables from the super market.

In my local store I find that most of the food is far from fresh and the prices are higher than that of my local fruit and veg shop.

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to get to when you’re an evening shopper as I mostly am.
Those kind of places are for people who don’t love their bed as deeply as I do.

I was lucky enough (with a little will of course) to get to shop at the fruit and veg shop looking for some carrots and potatoes when I clocked my eyes on this beaut!

As you can see it fills my fridge, for size comparison those beetroot and mayonnaise jars are BIG ones.

Well…..I couldn’t just leave it there and for £1 it was a bargain (one cucumber is £1 no matter the weight).

Sooooo, what can you do with a cucumber that makes all the regular cucumbers feel inadequate?

Well, I made a mass of Japanese potato salad tweaking and experimenting with my secret recipe, yum yum!

After that I still had about half of it left…hmmmmmm.

I used a little for cucumber sandwiches but the sheer girth of the cucumber filled the bread in two slices so it didn’t make much of a dent there.

Next I tried a pickling recipe and boy am I glad I did, they were lovely.

Not too sour, not too salty they went extremely well as a side with every Japanese meal we had and were a lovely contrast.
Crisp, flavourful, cold and fresh.

These pickles aren’t the type that will last you for years in a jar, they will go off nearly as quickly as usual cucumber and are best fresh.

Try it yourself using rice vinegar for a more Japanese taste and some of your favourite seasoning’s.

There are so many foods that can be pickled so have a go, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

In fact there are whole recipe books dedicated only to pickling so there’s no excuse not to.

What’s your favourite pickled food?
Have you ever tried pickling at home?

11 thoughts on “The Giant Cucumber! A Fridge Invasion.

  1. Your blog is beautiful and makes me hungry! My favorite pickled food is probably pickled okra…it has clear mildly hot vinegar sauce all around and can be found at the store near the pickles. *Thank you* for the “like” at my blog:)


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Brook.

      That sounds really good! I haven’t tried any Okra yet, I haven’t worked up the courage yet as I’ve heard they’re a little slimey!


      • You’re welcome:) It’s true that okra is slimy when it’s boiled. However, many people in the South cut okra up, coat it in corn meal and/or flour and then and fry it in a black iron skillet….which is wonderful! The pickled okra is not slimy because apparently the vinegar “cuts” the slimy texture. An appetizer is how I first tasted the pickled okra…sliced, with cream cheese and ham, with toothpicks holding it together like a small sliced jelly roll, but salty and spicy, not sweet. It’s delicious. You can buy the “mild” or “hot” okra. I agree that slimy is not good…but hope you get to try okra another way:)


      • Mmmm, fried Okra sounds great! I will have to try it!

        I’ve had a look on my local supermarket’s website and they only sell fresh and “Okra in tomato sauce” so I guess I will have to try my hand at pickling some for myself!

        The ham and cream cheese sound really nice with the Okra, sounds like a great standby for a bento box!

        Thank you ever so much for the tips!



  2. Two Girls walk into a Greengrocers:
    Girls: “We would like one Giant Cucumber please”
    Grocer: “Special Offer, Buy One Get One Free”
    Girls: “What are we going to do with two of them, suppose we could eat one”


  3. Look at the size of that, man! I suddenly feel inadquate lol,

    A neighbour got a few Giant Cucumbers, gave us four, they lasted ages, made Salads, lots of Sandwiches, one went over tho, didnt use it in time, didnt think to Pickle it tho, realy dont like wasting Food, i’ll know for next time 🙂


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