Easter madness.

Religious or not, you have to admit Easter has some great benefits.

I don’t think a year has gone by that I haven’t used Easter as an excuse to buy cheap chocolate.

I will always say that these holidays are hugely exploiting and have just slightly ran off the beaten path in a 20 foot steam roller but hey, no one can say they don’t enjoy getting a gift regardless of it’s excuse.

I think from now on Easter will be a time I celebrate chocolate coming into being and thank the people who discovered it.

My most blessed idol will be whoever decided chocolate needed milk and in turn I will thank the wonderful cows who were forced to give up the goods.

I do understand some people don’t actually like chocolate, or can’t eat it so these people can choose to pooh pooh my sect but thousands, millions will gather to celebrate this addictive but legal substance and we will be legion.

Pride of place in the alter of chocolate to worship will be the Lindt Lindor Easter egg.

Under this golden foil is the most creamy and delicious chocolate, it just melts in the mouth.

The only way I can think to describe it, is by picture.
Lindt have done a very good job of showing what the experience feels like.
The box is so stylish and sophisticated looking you just know it’s really OK to be an adult with an Easter egg.

More than the big hollow chocolate egg though, these little devils!

What makes this little box is those innocent looking foiled creatures.
From the outside they just look pretty and shiny but on the inside…..mmmmm.

The three different colours indicates the different flavours, red is milk chocolate, blue is dark chocolate and gold is white chocolate.

Me and my hubby’s favourite was by far the white chocolate, you have got to try one, they just…melt…as if the whole thing is already pre-melted despite the egg shape you saw a second before.

So, if you see one of these eggs around, grab it, you will not regret it..

Just don’t touch the one on my Holy alter!!!

2 thoughts on “Easter madness.

  1. I will always love the Lindt balls. I went to the factory when I was an exchange student in Switzerland and at the end of the tour they put out trays and trays and trays of chocolate for tasting.

    Oh chocolate… there’s nothing better.


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