It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction, the Portal Companion cube bento box.

It’s about time I got gaming with my bento box.
I’m a big fan of PC gaming as is my husband, so I thought I’d make a special bento for him =D.

One of the most iconic games of recent years for me anyway is the game “Portal”.
I don’t think anyone can say they’ve played the game and don’t remember it.

Portal has just about everything that makes up a good game, simple challenging premise, story, great characters and innovation.

The aim of the game is to get from the entrance of a room to the exit.
Sounds easy, right?

As with any good puzzle game the goal sounds easy but the solution is less so.

You are a test subject and have to use one gun, a portal gun, to get yourself to the exit of a 3D room, trying not to get killed by a psycho computer.

If you’d like to try Portal but don’t want to spend the money, try it’s predecessor Narbacular Drop which works on the same premise though hasn’t got all of the fine tuning of Portal or Portal 2.

It’s free to download, just search!

Any way, on to today’s bento.

The Portal series is helped out by a lot of iconic objects and characters that ingrain in your mind and the faithful “Companion cube” is one of them.

Front and centre is the companion cube, made from coloured Japanese rice with some lovely (but crumbly!) cheese with a cute little ham heart on top.

To the left of the cube is some Gomadare (Runner beans in a sesame sauce), then above that is some Beef Negimaki which is Beef wrapped around spring onion with a dark, soy sauce based sauce.

I was told not to make the Negimaki as it has spring onions in it which I am really allergic to but I just couldn’t help it, they sounded so good, they tasted great too.
So worth it.

Down from the Negimaki on the right is some yummy potato salad.

So, shall I try any more gaming bento boxes?

5 thoughts on “It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction, the Portal Companion cube bento box.

  1. This is great, love what you have done, Portal is a fun, like your Bento creation ๐Ÿ™‚ haven’t played portal 2 yet, there are so many possibilities for Gaming Bento themes, maybe a Half Life Bento, those things that attack you look like walking food anyway lol


  2. I’m glad I decided to stop by and thank you for liking my ‘not sushi’ post as now I’ve discovered your very cute blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like this bento idea and it got me thinking of making a Zelda themed one for my boyfriend. I’m going to have to exclude rice and a lot of other things though… Challenge accepted!



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