Simmered Japanese Daikon Radish, Mooli Madness.

There was a glint of sun here in the UK but I think it’s gone to stay….er…gone..and it seems like it will be for a while..

Typically I have to get a terrible cold now, so what better to make everything feel alright than Simmered Mooli?



Well…fresh Japanese vegetables are hard to find in my area, hell..even vacuum packed and canned vegetables which would be more than adequate are impossible to get hold of and online at any price less than extortion.

Here in my area of the Midlands a few Chinese vegetables is about the most that is available.

You may be able to understand then, why I was so happy when I set eyes on Mooli or Daikon radish in my local supermarket.

Daikon is a white radish shaped like an extremely large hairy carrot.
The green tops can be eaten in cooking as well as the flesh.
The taste is a cross between a radish and a turnip being very mild in flavour unlike their smaller spicy counterparts.

The reason for it being available I’m sure is nothing to do with Japan or Japanese people but most probably for the large section of Indian people in this country that also eat Moolii.

So now I finally got this chance to work with a fresh Japanese vegetable what on earth was I to do with it?

My answer was simmering.

This is a perfect way to first try it as the flavour is not lost, rather it is soaked throughout and complimented by the broth.

I will defiantly be having this again as the household agreed that it was indeed delicious though it will have to be as a treat because this Radish is DARN EXPENSIVE at £1.50 each.

Of course these are supermarket prices, I will be looking in to a cheaper option at a veg stall or shop.

Here’s hoping it will be a more regular occurrence in my kitchen ^__^.

So now on how to prepare the radish.

Begin as you would a carrot chopping both top and bottom off.
You can put the greens to one side and use them in a later recipe but unfortunately all of the radish in the shop I brought from had these taken off.

Next we use a vegetable peeler or knife to take off all of the outside skin.

Now just chop the radish up for how ever you are to apply it in a recipe, these were cut into 2 inch rounds halved.

If you’re unsure on how to use it, treat it as you would a potato, it has some very similar properties.

This is how my simmered Daikon turned out, notice how the broth has been fully absorbed?


3 thoughts on “Simmered Japanese Daikon Radish, Mooli Madness.

  1. Not a big fan of the normal Radish but this i’d like to try, especialy with all that Broth absorbed, mmmmm yum! 😛


    • Yes I read it, wasn’t sure what to do to be honest.

      I’m not particularly interested in awards and the such I’m only really here to blog but thank you very much and congratulations on your own award =).


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