Yummy Mr. Kiplings cakes

If you live in the UK it’s quite unlikely to have not at least heard of Mr. Kipling’s cakes.
If you’ve ever walked down the cake aisle in a supermarket you will have seen the many different flavours and styles of cakes, tarts, pies and slices they sell.

According to their website 60% of UK households buy their food!

Mr. Kipling’s cakes are moist and soft, excellent by mass made food standards.

Their tarts are also to die for (welll at least to steal from someone else’s plate for).

Here’s a piece of Bakewell tart I managed to snap at before I snaffled it up.
It was part of a large tart that’s supposed to serve 6.
The Raspberry plum jam filling was so delicious.

They also sell individual bakewell tarts with come with the added bonus of glacee cherries on top.

I’m also rather partial to their jam tarts.
Two of each Apricot, Blackcurrant & Raspberry comes in a package.
The flavour I’m most partial to is the apricot.

The jam in these tarts are,  well, tarty.
It’s very flavoursome!

This last one is a new, strange sounding product…

Mr Kipling Trifle Bakewells!

They’re based on a very English dessert, trifles, which is layers of each moistened sponge cake, fruit, custard and cream, sometime with a little jelly and coloured sugar strands / hundreds & thousands in there too.

Of course these aren’t much like real trifles but the good helping of raspberry jam, vanilla sponge cake and custard with sprinkles make them “exceedingly good”.

If you aren’t in the UK you’re really missing out =(.

If you are in the UK have I made you want to go and buy these scrumptious cakes yet?

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