Natural food colourings, have your say.

Hi there!

I wanted to speak a little on food colourings in this post.


When designing bento’s, especially with specifics in mind food colouring is a god send.

It’s perfect to colour rice, cheese, eggs etc. for exactly what you need.

Given their handiness of course I have loads of colours on hand.

I actually went to a lot of trouble to pick up as many different colours as possible.

As you can see I have Silver spoon, Dr. Otker in the background and Asda’s own brand which seemed to have the most variations of colours.

Unfortunately the Asda brand needs to be used more heavily than the Silver Spoon brand and Dr. Otker because it is less potent.

Strangely it is again, a false economy because though the Asda colourings are cheaper you will end up using more than you would of one of the more expensive (but concentrated) brand names.

This brings up the point, natural food colouring or not?

Some of these colourings are natural and some are artificial.

Some people dye their food with things like beetroot or red cabbage water for even more natural-ness.

Personally, I wouldn’t go to that trouble, if you want your food THAT natural don’t colour it at all and let the natural food colours shine.

What’s your opinion on artificial food colourings?

4 thoughts on “Natural food colourings, have your say.

  1. Yeah i do like my Foods their natural colour, but i do like colourings, they can look realy funky & fun for certain creations


  2. I’ve never even considered coloring savory foods (desserts can be a whole other matter). I think there’s have to be a reason for it. Since Bento is supposed to have some fun in it, I think I’d be up for trying it, but for a classical French or Italian dish, I’d find it very strange.


  3. I generally don’t work with food coloring for the same reason you posted at the end of your article: I’d prefer the natural colors of the food shine through. Plus, I feel oddly about blue or green rice, despite the nice contribution it would clearly make to the overall dosirak look. But I wouldn’t mind experimenting now and then.


  4. I like it to sometimes surprise someone, with pink or green rice. But truth is that I prefer my food to be natural. Japanese rice is pure white almost shiny, so pretty that I don’t want to alter it.


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