Man V Food

Hey there,

Lately I’ve been feeling quite under the weather, I’m not sleeping very well for some reason and have next to no energy waiting for me in my daylight hours.

It also means my concentration is really suffering at the moment so any of the hobbies I could sit down and enjoy that require an ounce of concentration leave me flumping back to hug my pillow.

Please send your energy to the following address made payable to PepperBento or this blog may not survive.

Thank you, your kind donation counts.

Anyway, what inevitably happens when you feel like a walking vegetable?


Well, not really T.V.

I absolutely hate T.V and will not have it in the house, but Youtube, now that’s unstoppable..

Self control hits the fan when Youtube is involved and some how my hazy mind wondered to a show I had seen on my in laws T.V.

Man V Food.

Man V Food is a show which follows one unpretentious guy around America eating and enjoying food….excessively.

One thing that really holds the show together is the host, Adam Richman’s, personality, though loud and as American as can be he has a personality and is funny with it which as I found out by accidentally watching a bit of “Food Wars” is really essential.

Another thing is enjoyment of the food.
I don’t think many others can get away with food tasting quite like this guy.
He’s not a stick insect who takes one bite for the camera, genuinely, he looks like he’s really enjoying it.
On top of that we get to see him stuffing himself silly with delicious mammoth meals for food challenges until he bursts or surrenders.

I wouldn’t recommend this show to vegetarians or vegans but hey, you brought the misery of meatlessness upon yourself.

Health freaks, you might want to look away now too.

Here is a taster of what Man V Food is all about….

I love seeing the delicious food that is on offer at these places.

Then of course there are the food challenges…..

Enjoy and salivate.

4 thoughts on “Man V Food

  1. Lol, i have watched this programme as well, funny, those challenges are imense, dont think i could even manage most of them & thats saying something 😛

    Talking about Food related shows, i urge Pepper & everyone else who follows her Blog to watch a truly beautiful & funny Anime called Spice & Wolf, one of the main characters, Holo The Wise Wolf likes good quality Food, Wine & Beer (consumes quite a bit of the later lol)

    Ahh, i wish i had a Holo in my life, but alas i do not


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