A Sunday Bento box


Today for bento we have a “Sunday bento” as I like to call them.

Nearly every Sunday me and my hubby go to his Mom and Dad’s house to catch up and we always stay until late, so, what better than bento?

At front left we have stir fried bamboo shoots and carrots with seasonings and sesame seeds.

Next to that is half of a tamagoyaki roll which was moist and juicy, yumyum, which went perfectly with the plain Japanese rice next to it.

Behind that is some really delicious Simmered Daikon Radish and some of my secret recipe Bagel bites.

As you can see there are some Shiitake mushrooms in there with the Radish too.

The bagel bites are crisp, crunchy and golden brown, great for a snack.

I did one of these boxes for each of us and they kept us full all day.

The only problem with this bento is that the green box failed it’s test run and leaked though I thought it was air tight.

Now I know only to put solid foods in them it should be all good from now on.

That’s all for this bento but I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my mother in law whose Birthday is today =).

Happy birthday Steph, have a great day.

One thought on “A Sunday Bento box

  1. Gives a new meaning to putting on the Sunday best, putting on the Bento Best instead lol 😀

    Those look “Well tasty, init!”


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