American style Pulled Pork

Can you guess what’s under my super shiny foil today?
Pulled pork!

Did you get it right?

Still on my American theme for the moment pulled pork is something I just had to try.

This beautiful beast may look burnt on the outside but it’s actually just amazingly delicious flavour.

It’s called pulled pork for a reason and this piece was anything but over done.

Pulled pork is named as such because if you leave pork over a low heat for about 8 hours (yes 8 hours) all of the fat and cartilage which is so unpleasant in pork just melts away leaving you with pork you can just pull apart with your hands and is so juicy.

Naturally there was only one thing to do with this pork after many a sneaky mouthful from the bowl.

Pulled pork in a crusty baguette.

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