Japanese Pork Cutlet with Curried Udon Noodles

Hi there everyone!

Today I celebrate my 50th post!

I’ve had over 4000 views on my blog so far and to be honest never expected more than a couple a week so I’m really thrilled, thank you to everyone who comes to visit =).

Today is also a bank holiday here because the Queen of England is having her Diamond Jubilee, the shops are still open though tut tut so it’s just another day.

As usual not many actually care but give everyone a couple of days off work and an excuse to barbecue, picnic and party then everyone seems to be celebrating.

So what do I have for bento today?

Well, I made my first tonkatsu (ton = pig & katsu = Cutlet)!

It came out really huge, can you tell?

Remember this box from other bento?

That’s how big it is!

Whenever I have seen Tonkatsu served I have seen it with a bed of rice and curry sauce on top (Katsu-karee).

I didn’t really fancy cooking up any rice so I got out some Udon noodles and Japanese curry blocks and made some curried noodles to go underneath.

I made another cutlet for my hubby and we shared the noodles because there were two packages there but alas the other cutlet could NOT fit in this box!

For my first taste and make of Tonkatsu I thought it had a very nice flavour and texture, I will definitely try it again.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Pork Cutlet with Curried Udon Noodles

  1. Never had a Pig Cutlet, had a few Pork Chop’s before, wasn’t too keen on them, this looks tasty tho, will have to look into getting & tasting a Cutlet, will have to be a small amount tho, have to be careful of certain Meats now, i love em, but they dont love me, bit like my Love Life lol 🙂


    • Basically you do use the same cut as you would for a pork chop though you should choose a lean one, then cutting off all of the fat and tenderising it into a thinner chop really helps.


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