Mozzarella Plait with Home Made Barbecue Sauce

I’ve always wanted to plait some bread, so when I made my first ever pizza dough, after the pizza of course, I had to try it.

I didn’t follow any particular instructions, I just plaited three long sausage shapes and shredded on some mozzarella cheese.

10 minutes later, voilà!

This has to defy some rule somewhere because this was just way to easy to be so tasty, it’s also quite pretty too, look at that.

I ripped the bread in half, which I think is the only way to serve it, neat cuts are just not right here.

Then I plated it up with some of my home made barbecue sauce.

It went so well with the barbecue, frankly because it is pizza base and how could barbecue sauce not go with pizza?!

Am I the only one that prefers barbecue sauce on their pizza rather than tomato?

I just adore that sauce.

I am so used to bottled sauces that I’m allergic to because of the onion powder that each time I ate this I got wary about eating it then remembered.

I know every ingredient in this.
It doesn’t have onion powder in it.

So all in all, I say please, do not buy ready made pizza bases.
To make pizza dough is easy and quick not to mention absolutely delicious and, lets face it, ready made bases,aren’t.

My hubby absolutely hated home made pizzas for that reason but now he’d rather eat mine than Pizza Huts.

Yup, that good.

As for the barbecue, I really would recommend making your own even if you don’t have allergies.

My reasoning being it is so cheap and easy to make.

The barbecue sauce we love is £2 a bottle which is really extravagant for us.
I paid maybe a little more than one bottle for all of the ingredients to make a sauce and still have plenty to make another batch, plus it actually does taste better, not kidding.

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