Pep’s Stromboli Carnivore Surprise!

Hi there guys!

Today I want to show you my newest food invention!

Really I can’t think of any words to properly define it but my my is it a winner!

Looks pretty normal huh?

Just baked pizza dough.

When you cut into it though……
The Stromboli Carnivore Surprise!

How lovely is that?

Not only does it taste delicious and contain sausages but it also looks great don’t you think?

Just to top it all off though it needs some of my home made barbecue sauce, mmmmm.
Now THAT is a manly meal!

2 thoughts on “Pep’s Stromboli Carnivore Surprise!

  1. Mmmm! Yum! Sausages & Home Made BBQ Sauce, another nice & Summery one, well not that we are having much Summer here in the U.K, but with this you can imagine lol šŸ˜€


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