Chicken, Bacon & Sausage Hot Dog Rolls English Style!

I admit I sleep in late, until about 11am/ 12am, which all seems very normal to me.

Without children or a social life I don’t have much structure to my days.

On day’s like today, when I am forced by duty and the such to get up before 8am I really feel pooped for the rest of the day.

That’s why on days like this I really want something tasty and easy to prepare in the kitchen that won’t have me standing around for ages.

A great staple is hot dogs.

I never buy tinned or jarred hot dogs as I prefer meat in my sausages so I go the English sausage route every time.

Just drop it into a roll, squeeze on some American style mustard and tomato ketchup and you’re all set.

Adding bacon to a plain sausage in a roll is heavenly and adding even more meat in the form of chicken, well it takes the plain old hot dog to another dimension.

Such a simple meal, ready in 30 minutes without tending to any pots and pans.

Perfection, on a day like this.

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