Peking Duck with Plum sauce bento

Hey guys!

Hope you’re having a great Monday wherever you are.

My bento box for this week was made with more succulent duck!

In the box I have some noodles with yellow pepper, duck layered on top with a river of the godly elixir also known as plum sauce to it’s right.

I don’t think I’m actually that keen on actual plums but this sauce…I just love it with curry and rice as well as with duck.

It pretty much tastes like mango chutney, another of my all time favourites.

To the right of my Plum river is some coleslaw which seems to bring everything together nicely.

The coleslaw I use is made with crème fraîche which seems to get rid of all of the horrible acrid taste you can get with cheap coleslaw, I don’t like to eat any coleslaw other than this one now.

If you’re interested in the coleslaw, it’s the Taste The Difference Coleslaw by Sainsbury’s.

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