The Umaibō surprise!

My good friend sent me some goodies that came from Japan the other day and I just had to share them with you all!

They’re called Umaibō which translates as delicious stick!

For the most part the name is correct.

This first package is easy to guess the flavour of just by looking at it.


It turns out this is a discontinued flavour now which is a real shame as it was very tasty.

On this packaging there is a cute little chicken!

The second package is a bit harder to define just by looking at it but it turns out it was supposed to taste like Salami.

I’m not sure about anyone else but I didn’t think Salami was supposed to taste like bad fish.

They’re corn snacks in tube like shapes and cost the equivalent of about 10p each here in England.
We have many corn snacks over here, we have Walkers who make Monster Munch and red mill snacks who make lots of snacks in the 10p range including one of my favourites Transform-a-snacks.

Red Mill Snacks are made only down the road from where I live!

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “The Umaibō surprise!

    • I’m afraid I wouldn’t know as there aren’t any Japanese shops around here though I would imagine since they cost so little the cost for importing them would outweigh any profit.

      It is a shame though, they are very tasty!



  1. I lover my Corn Snack’s as well, Yummy! 😛
    These remind me of Wotsits, another Maize type snack (or is it Snakes, hehe :D)


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