The husband’s midnight bento!

Today I want to show you my husband’s midnight bento.

My husband is mainly nocturnal getting to bed at god knows what time so it’s not unusual for me to be getting some rest while he’s doing something else.

So at around midnight when I was asked to take a picture of his self made bento I was happy to  do so.

The hubby  topped lashings of coleslaw with some chopped pork chops seasoned with soy sauce and black pepper!

Looks tasty!

4 thoughts on “The husband’s midnight bento!

    • Me too!

      By the way, I was wondering, on one of your bentos where you made a little boar out of egg, how did your mum get it to change colour without making the egg over cooked?



      • Hi PepperBento, the trick was to cook the eggs (hard boiled) then remove the shell and place those hard boiled eggs into the stew (Chinese stew use soya sauce, oyster sauce, sweet sauce), cook slowly over very low heat, which eventually turn the eggs’s color to brownish and yet spare the eggs from over cooked. Hope this help 🙂


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