Casabento Food Pens Bento Prize!

It happens quite a lot doesn’t it?

You find exactly what you want, you search, you find, then it happens to be out of stock or you can’t afford it and for a time you are disappointed and sad.

After a while of course this feeling goes away and sometimes you even completely forget about what it was you wanted.

After eyeing up these and deciding I was in love with them, the only place I could find them being Casabento, I made a wishful thinking basket.

I was ready to spend god knows what on wonderful bento items but then, I found that they were out of stock!

I vowed I would get them one day because they’re exactly what I need for my bentos!

Well, rarely do you get to win what you have coveted for so long!

When I found out that Casabento was doing a give away of these pens, I didn’t care what I would have to do to get them!

Luckily it wasn’t much and I was 1 of a lucky 30 people who won a set.

The package came in the post not long after and I couldn’t wait to open it!

I love the tape they used, what a lovely touch!

The first and main thing that attracted me to these pens is my hate of nori seaweed!

Lots of bentos use Nori for decoration but I just hate the flavour!

Even if you take it off afterwards it still leaves you with the taste.

So what better than using my favourite barbecue sauce or ketchup for facial features and cute details for my lunch boxes?!

They unscrew from the bottom of their crayon style bottles and you put the sauce in.

As you can see they were all the way from Japan!

They have a cap on top to keep the sauce from air and best of all the pen nibs are all different sizes!

The pink crayon is 1mm thick, the yellow is 1.5 mm thick and the green crayon is 2mm thick.

I can’t wait to see which size I like best!

The set even comes with a leaflet with some interesting ideas on what to do with your pens, including making pictures in pancakes!

So these pens are from Casabento, they are £8.65 and would definitely bring a smile to a sweet child’s face when they open their lunch!

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