The Tortilla Burger, The Baguette Burger & Other Ways To Re-purpose Beef Burgers!

My husband loves a good burger from time to time so naturally if we see some meaty burgers on offer be pick a few up for meals.

I’m not too much of a burger fan myself, apart from burger king of course, so I like to do a few different things with beef burgers to make the most out of them!

This one was made by the hubby.

It’s a tortilla burger!

Tasty pieces of beef burger, as well as tomato ketchup, American mustard, Mayonnaise, raw onion and English cheddar cheese all in one fabulous handheld wrap!

Another invention I really enjoyed eating and another re-purpose of the burger is the mighty baguette burger!

Nice crusty baguette filled to the brim with beef burgers and then topped with barbecue sauce!

Mmmmmm, MMM!

My final and favorite thing to do with burgers is to make chili burgers!

I just can’t resist a good bowl of chili, I love the spice, the meat, the beans, can’t get enough!

So when you add chilli on TOP of a burger you get all of the bite of the meat and all of the flavor of chili!

What’s your favorite re-purpose for a burger?

Share it with me and upload a picture over at the Pepper Bento Facebook page!

See you on Monday!


5 thoughts on “The Tortilla Burger, The Baguette Burger & Other Ways To Re-purpose Beef Burgers!

    • Great ideas Hikari, I recently tried beef burgers over rice with gravy and it was absolutely delicious!

      Teriyaki is the all time favourite sauce in this household, though we haven’t tried it with beef burgers yet!



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