Sistema Slimline Quaddie 1.5 Litre Review

Hi there guys and gals!

Honestly, I have been going through some rough times lately and haven’t cooked as much as I would have liked.

Yesterday when I realized I had no bento to show you all I decided to get a few quick snaps of a bento box I haven’t used yet.

The Sistema Slimline Quaddie.

Here it is, it comes in lots of different colours as it’s aimed as a kids lunch box.
I could only choose from blue or blue but I think it’s a fetching colour!

This baby can hold 1.5 litres which is great, it’s quite a large ‘un actually.
I’m not sure I could really see a kid hauling this thing around.
It opens up in classic Delorean style to reveal 2 small compartments which are adequate sizing for a few little snacks.

All of the compartments are easy to snap closed so no need for an elastic strap here.

The larger compartment stores a small drinks bottle with the Sistema logo on it.
It seems pretty water tight but in a worst case scenario I don’t think the bottle would leak into the other compartments.

I’m not certain but it seems a little on the small size if this is all a child will be given to drink for 6 hours of school.

Under these three handy compartments is the main event which is basically just a box.

This would be an absolutely huge meal for most adults if this was full of a Japanese style bento but it can just about fit in a western style sandwich which is what I think this box would be most suited for.

All in all it’s a great box for both adult or child depending on what you do with the space!

This box says it’s microwave safe without the lid.
Since the lid doesn’t seem to come off without a lot of force I would say this is not conventionally microwavable.

I brought this box for a bargain of £5, I think it was half price.
For £10 I still think it’s a great lunch box which won’t go out of style with the newest kid’s craze!

12 thoughts on “Sistema Slimline Quaddie 1.5 Litre Review

  1. I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I’ve been weighing up if I want one but it just seems soooo big!

    All of my other bento boxes are children’s ( I’m 21 but still quite short) but they fill me up so a litre and half box I fear would be a waste 😦

    Ps. I thought the bottle was to fill with water and freeze as an ice pack due to being so small haha


    • I think it all depends on what you have in your bento.
      I’m sure if you filled it all with rice, eggs, meat etc.. it would be way too big but if you just had a sandwich some fruit and a few snacks in the box it could suit someone with a smaller appetite.

      I like the ice pack idea.
      Of course you could just get rid of the bottle completely, the compartment is still big enough to be useful!



  2. I am very glad I have found your wonderful blog! I also have a big passion for Japanese cuisine although I don’t really prepare bento. This one looks really nice and quite practical too. I have been looking for some lunch boxes and finally bought some transparent not so Japanese style at all, but they are very sturdy, cheap and practical, however I’m still tempted by beautiful bento boxes…


    • Thank you very much Sissi.
      It’s great to know my blog is enjoyed!

      I can understand completely!
      Practical and cheap are all well and good but sometimes we need a little elegance!
      Treat yourself, there are some great quality beautiful bento boxes out there!



      • The drinks bottle is way too small. I actually use it more for sauces or salad dressings. The bottom compartment is great for salads or cold pasta, or a sandwich and piece of fruit. I normally put pasta in the bottom, salad in the top.


      • I suspected the drinks bottle would be too small, I think it might be ok to go with just the meal in the box but not for the whole day.

        Great idea to use it for sauces and dressings, I might take a leaf out of your book!

        Love the pasta and salad idea, thanks!



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