Donald Russell Pork Sausages Review

Disaster struck in my kitchen this morning when at 4:15 in the morning we heard a extremely loud crash.

At first we thought it could be a burglar but when the hubby went bravely to inspect the source of the noise he found no-one there and the real cause of the noise.

I keep my baking trays and racks on a shelf as well as having my measuring cups, spoons and frying pans hanging from it and it decided the give up the ghost.

I have to admit, I really don’t think I can face the kitchen right now.

Anyway, on to today’s topic, sausages!

Lately being advertised all over the place here in the UK is a place called Donald Russell.

They boast the finest quality meat delivered frozen to your door ordered from their website.

Their prices are by no means cheap, putting them in a “gourmet” category, though they always have special offers on so a usual class of people can have a chance at trying their products.

The in-laws gave us a package of their gourmet pork sausages to try when they made their order.

As you can see, for aesthetics they get rated very poorly, the wrinkled skin gives them a very unwelcoming look that doesn’t make me very keen to tuck in.

As for flavour, it seems a standard sausage, not offensive but nothing to really write home about.
The meat isn’t ground up too finely giving them a more meaty feel and I didn’t come across any unexpected pieces of fat so there’s certainly no denying the quality.

The texture, though, is an unpleasant experience.
The natural casings that they use are way too thick and though they do give a snap when you bite into the sausage they leave you chewing the skin long after the meat has gone.

All in all, I have tasted better sausages in my local butcher and though these were about the same price on a special deal they’re not worth the full price.

6 out of 10.

The natural casings let a good quality sausage down.

13 thoughts on “Donald Russell Pork Sausages Review

  1. this post had the unique effect of making me want a pork sausage so badly that my stomach actually growled and rejected my homemade soy-chai-protein smoothie. NOW I WANT A REAL BREAKFAST! Well done, you. Even a 6/10 sausage is better than none!


      • I firmly believe that there is an entire category of foods that skips your waistline and heads straight into your soul. Xx


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