Mini Japanese Hamburgers Hambagu Bento with Gravy Recipe!

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Today is my bento day and I want to share with you my Japanese style hamburger or hambagu bento!

I started off with some mini hamburgers which I seared on all sides then fried to near done-ness then went to add in some gravy and low and behold there was none to be found!

I know I should have looked before hand but in my household gravy granules are a staple, I still can’t believe there wasn’t any, I’m convinced they’re still hiding!

In the end I made a makeshift gravy and cooked the burgers for the remaining time until the gravy was thick and glossy.

It turned out better than if I’d used usual gravy granules!

I then placed the burgers in a bento box over plain Japanese white rice.

This is the first time I tried the gravy and rice combination and I have to say it was fabulous!

Makeshift Gravy

3 Beef, Chicken, Lamb etc.. OXO cubes
Boiling water
Cold water


Add boiling water to a frying pan about 2 cm up and crush in the OXO cubes over a medium high heat.

Stir until the OXO cubes have dissolved.

Add a tablespoon of cornstarch to a tablespoon of cold water and stir until a smooth paste and add in.

Whisk until a smooth and glossy, thick gravy!

It’s even better if you can cook the meat in with the gravy for extra taste!

16 thoughts on “Mini Japanese Hamburgers Hambagu Bento with Gravy Recipe!

  1. That looks delicious! Should stop by Hong Kong if you’re into asian food. Keep up the awesome writing, and thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!


    • Thank you!
      It would be great to eat some authentic Asian food sometime though I do try to do my best making an authentic meal with the resources here in England!



  2. That sounds delicious!!
    I’ve just throw together a random soup with soba noodles and due to having no stock I ended up using gravy granules lol. This bento looks amazing, is it in a large picnic box?


      • Yeah true. My grandmother makes a wicked drink using OXO haha.

        That is quite large!! I would love to invest in one, last picnic I had meant I had to take 4 two-tiered boxes and 1 one-tiered which was a bit of a hassle to carry!


      • I have to say, I love meaty tastes but I don’t think I could drink them.
        I’ve tried Bovril, which I thought I would love but no cigar.

        It’s holding about 2 cups of rice in the hamburger pictures but that’s about all it will fit if you want to put the lid on.

        Sounds like you might have needed 2 of these for your feast!

        Still, even if you don’t use it often for a picnic, it looks fabulous as a food container at the dinner table =).


      • I’ve never tried bovril but even the name sounds a bit gross haha

        That’s still a fair but of rice haha I can only manage about half a cup when cooked lol

        Yeah they are pretty awesome looking! I think I’d want one just to say I had one too haha


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