Traditional Sweets & Sweet Shop Memories

Hey there guys!

I’m not really a sweet sort of person, no not in that way, really, I’m a nice girl!

No, I mean the sugary kind.

I’d much prefer a bar of chocolate over just about any boiled sweet, jelly sweet and so on.

Food memories are wonderful things aren’t they?
The smell, the taste, the feelings, all seem to grip on to you like a limpet and these are the memories most fondly remembered.

I remember a stop to a wonderful sweet shop on a long 2 bus journey with my wonderful husband who may not have even been that at the time!

Sitting at the back of a bus, hubby at my side and the paper bag, full of delicious sweets I never knew could taste so good making me smile for the trip.

I remember the feelings, the tastes, so well, but the names?
Forget about it!

So when I found Haribo Live Wires while browsing an online sweet shop and remembering that they were one of the sweets I had adored, the hubby was set on buying them for me.

We brought one of his favourites from his childhood too, Chocolate Nibbles or Parrot Droppings as he affectionately called them.

Sadly, I couldn’t try a taste as they contained Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts which I am allergic to, though I was comforted that they weren’t the same as they used to be and I wasn’t missing out on much.

The Live Wires though, mmm, they reminded me of that lovely trip, a happier moment in our struggling lives today.

What is your most thought on food memory?

Do you have a favourite sweet from yesteryear?

Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!

3 thoughts on “Traditional Sweets & Sweet Shop Memories

  1. I also like those jelly sweets haha. And we always had banana and peach shaped sweets.
    I think other nostalgic sweet would be the really old fashioned sweets that are difficult to get now…


    • I think I know the banana and peach shaped sweets.
      Were they soft and sort of powdery?
      They also did shrimp shapes here in a strawberry flavour. YUMMY!

      I did love the banana and peach ones but now I’m older I’ve developed an allergy to bananas and peaches! Very unlucky!

      Where do you live? I think this place will deliver to any country, they say just to ask and they’ll add your country.
      They sell lots of the old fashion style sweets!



      • They do deliver to my country.
        But I’m not really a candy eater anymore 😉
        And when I do eat candy I have a lot of options so no need to ship. Guess I don’t miss the old fashioned sweets that much. Might have done so if I really loved candy though.


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