The Uncharacteristicly healthy bento!

If you’ve been reading up on my posts you might know that meat is my friend and that thing called salad? can get stuffed (with meat preferably).

Not that I don’t like fruit and vegetables but if a leaf hits my plate I’m gone.

I’m not going to be a crazy health nut any time soon but sometimes it’s nice to have something natural!

From front to back we have some raisins, dried apricot, pineapple, all the tasty stuff!

We have some big and beautiful Somerset grown strawberries which were scrumptious!

Behind that, there are some American cherries which were flavourful and had a good bite to them.

At the very back in good old English fashion I have a cucumber sandwich.

I really love the combination of a sprinkling of salt and the salt from the margarine with the crunch of the cucumber!

Last but not least I had some Pomegranate juice which I picked up on a whim from the out of date section of a shop for half price (which I’m sure I ended up paying full price for anyway!).
That is why it says August on the carton!
All in all a very natural bento, unfortunately this attracts cute but pesky squirrels!

You have been warned!
Shoo, shoo!!

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