Authentic Japanese food in Birmingham Mount Fuji Bento Review


I confess that I don’t have a bento to show you guys today.

Me and the hubby just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary though and that made me think of how we celebrated last year.

With bento!

Excuse the bad picture quality!

This is the Karaage bento!

From bottom left anti clockwise we have big juicy pieces of chicken thigh coated and deep fried with a wedge of lemon, pickles, Japanese white rice with light salt and black sesame seed seasoning, mixed salad with dressing, piece of pineapple and one marinaded new potato.

Everything was delicious!

It went exceedingly well with a couple of glasses of Plum wine!

The Teriyaki bento!

Again going anti clockwise from bottom left, Japanese white rice, mixed salad, Teriyaki chicken (seems to be the Karaage cut into strips with a Terriyaki like sauce on top), pickles, Gomadare (green beans stuffed with a sesame sauce), a piece of grilled sweetcorn, tamagoyaki and a ball of tangy mayonnaise potato with peas and sweetcorn.

Both were great value for money at under £8 each, it’s filling but leaves you with a healthy feeling by the end.

An authentic touch of Japanese food in Birmingham city!

5 out of 5

Mount Fuji
Japanese Restaurant,
Birmingham Bullring,
B5 4BH.

Telephone: 0121 633 9853

11.30am – 10pm (Mon – Sat)
11.30am – 9pm (Sunday)

6 thoughts on “Authentic Japanese food in Birmingham Mount Fuji Bento Review

  1. Oh my gosh! I walked by this place on Saturday! I was tempted but i really wanted to go to the conveyor sushi place behind the library 🙂
    Next time I’ll try it!


    • You won’t regret it Amy, it is absolutely gorgeous in there.

      I like the bar seats next to the kitchen!

      Have a great lunch and don’t forget to tell them who sent you haha!


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