The Tangram Bento Lunch Box!

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all keeping well ’cause today I’ve got a great bento idea!

All credit goes to the hubby, he’s the brains of this outfit ;).

The Tangram bento!

The tangram is a Chinese puzzle.
Using seven flat shapes, called tans, your objective is to put them together to form a specific shape, given only an outline or silhouette, using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.

This is a great idea to get the kids brains buzzing over lunch break!

Print out silhouettes, slip them in the lunch box and see if they can solve the puzzle before devouring it!

I have to say, I had some trouble with the not-devouring part!

A shoe!

This is one of the three “paradox” tangram puzzles, the magic dice cup!

Ooo! P for Pepper Bento!

For afters we have two types of watermelon and the most delicious fresh pineapple slices!

The bento itself features 2 tangram sandwiches, a Scotch egg, 2 of the most sweet and succulent vine ripened tomatoes, Babybel, mini cheese crackers and some mini pepperoni pieces!

Here are some printer friendly silhouettes to get started with, I will add the answers too if enough people are interested!

One last thing!
For the tangram
to work you
will need to
cut your sandwich like so!

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