Pizza Hut Chocolate Jaffa Cheesecake Slice – Why Pizza Hut should stick to pizza

Realistically, in a family of 2 frequently depressed adults, take away is the only way to ensure we don’t die of starvation.

I, unashamedly, admit that I don’t cook every meal at home because, frankly, some days I don’t even want to get out of bed.

So yes, sometimes a place like Pizza hut is in order and one thing they do well, is pizza.

Most everything else they serve is sub par, their pastas, spaghetti and most other sides aren’t up to scratch consistently.                        I would know as I used to be repulsed by melted cheese and there isn’t much place for that at Pizza Hut.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, while ordering a pizza online I saw one of their tantalising looking desserts, the Chocolate Jaffa Cheesecake Slice.

I took some snaps when it arrived in anticipation!

Upon opening it, I was immediately struck by the fact that the Cheesecake was still frozen.

It certainly says something great about their delivery time but frozen?!

Still, it looked great, look at those jaffas! Mmmm!
I’ll just leave it to defrost a bit while I have some dinner I suppose…

Now I don’t like to waste food, I certainly wasn’t brought up that way but my husband was and now the thought of throwing away half a plate of food gets me riled.

Just eating the tip of this cheesecake revolted me.

Thinking it could be me, I asked the husband’s opinion and he found it unpalatable too.

These cheesecake slices must be stored in with their meat products because that’s what it tasted like, bad meat.

I had no choice but to dispose of it for fear of having to taste another repugnant morsel.

Unfortunately, I discovered that Pizza Hut’s UK customer services does not want you to contact them as you can only phone or send them a letter.

It really is a shame because the idea of this cheesecake is something I would love to try, just not when it tastes like ham.

Coming Soon……

Some goodies from the good people at Casabento!

See you on Monday!

6 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Chocolate Jaffa Cheesecake Slice – Why Pizza Hut should stick to pizza

  1. In Pizza Huts defense, the cake was probably good when it was made in the mid nineties. Please leave a note on the door of the place to clean their walk in freezer. It should not make the food taste like ham, especially if the cheesecake is sealed.


    • Ahaha!

      I wouldn’t be surprised!

      It does sound like bad hygiene doesn’t it?

      I would have thought the meats should stay well away from the desserts to begin with.

      To permeate a sealed package too….seems suspicious to me!

      I wouldn’t want to buy another just to test if it was a one off!

      Strangely enough I posted this post to Pizza Hut’s wall and they “liked” it, I wonder if they actually read what I had to say haha….


  2. Lol I read this post as “Jabba the Hut Chocolate Jaffa Cheesecake Slice” which…apparently was accurate enough considering the taste/look of the cheesecake :p Here’s to better dining experiences! 🙂


    • Ahaha!

      You could be right, maybe I really did misread it when I ordered, would explain everything!

      At least I know giant sluggy dudes taste of ham now, their sliminess put me off trying them before!

      May good eats gorge you!



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