Unit Colors Men’s Gold Square Bento Box Review

Hi there everyone,

As promised this post is all about Casabento and some new bento accessories I got there!

My package came and look what I found inside, right on top, isn’t that the cutest little Nigiri?

Here’s what I received!

A beautiful, two tier, gold flecked bento box, some flower shaped food cups and a few pieces of grassy food dividing plastic (baran).

Straight from Japan!

The unveiling!

Length: 13.5 cm
Width : 13.5 cm
Height : 10.3 cm

Upper compartment : 550 ml
Lower compartment : 500 ml

The box looks so sophisticated and simple, it’s perfect for either man or woman.

Having two tiers is perfect for a bigger appetite or for larger and less filling foods but you could just as easily use just one tier using a smaller elastic strap.

A perfect sizing and deep enough to hold your food accessories without a squeeze.

Another important feature is that it is dishwasher and microwave safe!

All of these lovely bento tools are available at Casabento and come to less than £20 for it all!

Just a great bento box with the perfect shape and size to be versatile and perfect, no matter what food you want to pack!

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