Pork Scratchings Taste Testing!

In the West Midlands, the Black Country, we are well known for our pork scratchings, in fact we are believed to be the inventors of these tasty little morsels back in the 1800’s just to make sure no food was wasted!

They are made by frying the skin and fat of a pig which means they are exceedingly rich so are usually enjoyed in rather small portions.

Scratchings seem to be gaining popularity lately and are really easy to get hold of out of the Midlands so we decided to review some of the many different scratching on offer around here.

Which pack will be crowned the king of all scratchings?

First up is the MS Traditional Pork Scratchings 45g

They boast that they have been producing scratchings to an authentic black country recipe for 30 years and that they are hand cooked.

As for the taste, they seem as if they were cooked a bit too long, the meat flavour is good, the seasoning is there, but too little and they are a little too dry having too much rind and not enough fat.

They are made in the same postcode as where we live!

KVE Pork Scratchings 70g

KVE used to be the best scratchings around in my opinion, I think they are certainly the most popular and biggest brand in this tasting.

There is a good amount of fat to rind but the rind is very hard when it is there.
The seasoning isn’t offensive but it is hardly there, making for a very bland scratching.

We are pretty sure they must have done something lately, as memory makes us think they used to be a lot better.

These are made in Tipton here in the Midlands.

Pub Original Pork Scratchings 40g

These were by far the best in the branded line up of scratchings.
They were soft and yielding but still had crunch from the skin, they had the perfect amount of seasoning which left a delicious rich salty flavour.

Embarrassingly, these were made in Wigan, Manchester!

Local Butcher Pork Scratchings

Now these, are the best pork scratchings I have ever tasted.

They are completely unlike pork scratchings in their very nature, they are flaky and light!

The fat is smooth and creamy, which is complimented by their great seasoning.

The ratio of fat to rind on these is just perfect!

If you are in the Wolverhampton area, you might be interested to know that these scratchings were from Allan Bennett’s butchers which resides at

100 High Street,                                                 15 Station Road,
Wednesfield,                                                                   Codsall,
Wolverhampton,                      &                        Wolverhampton,
West Midlands,                                                   West Midlands,
WV11 1SZ                                                                    WV8 1BX

Last on the list of our pork princes are these,

Soft and Flaky Butcher Scratchings

Yes, they hardly fit in the pot!
They are absolutely huge!

These, for reasons unknown to me come unseasoned and while unseasoned they are pretty horrible.
They have little flavour, their only real appeal being that they have a pleasant layered texture.

When adding salt however it brings out so much flavour, they taste meaty and complex with a salty hit, though I will say you may be alarmed at just how much salt you will need.

So the winner and king of the scratchings of the Pepperbento Pork Scratching tasting is Allan Bennett’s butchers scratchings!

The runner up is Pub Original Pork Scratchings!

The resounding loser has got to be the KVE Pork Scratchings, sadly not even because memories made us more disappointed.
They were just truly the worst from our contestants.

So now we’ve tasted way too many pork scratchings than you should ever eat in one evening, without beer I might add, you don’t have to!

Try your local butcher or Pub Original!

4 thoughts on “Pork Scratchings Taste Testing!

    • It really was a honour, they were absolutely delicious!

      Bacon jerky?
      My goodness, why did I not know about this before?!
      I HAVE to try it!

      Thank you so much for your comment



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